Term and Condition

Main objectives

Are you tired of having to go everywhere alone? Are you bored with the life of going to work and return to the same room every day. sometimes it makes you lonely and may need someone to accompany to everywhere you go and make your loneliness disappear. For lonely people who do not have chance to meet someone and want to reduce loneliness, YOUEX will grant you the opportunity to meet new people in the style you want.

With technology developed every day, YOUEX selects people who are likely to be in the same society (where we find the possibilities from education, career, friends, neighborhood, and interests) and introduce you to one person at all times of the day. Just decide whether you want to get to know him or her. Just pick the date, time, and activities you want, such as going for eating out, watching movie, shopping, etc. Just do like this and you will have the opportunity to get to know him or her the way you want. (after having downloading AppYOUEX, please enter the details about yourself)

Conditions and criteria
Payment conditions

When you have paid the service fees on AppYOUEX completely, it will be considered that you have accepted all agreements. We will contact you to any telephone number via voice conversation or SMS or e-mail as permitted by the contract made with the service users.

Payment requirements (transaction operation)
Payment receipt

You can pay by credit card at our Online Payment channel.

Refund policy

We will make the refund to the paid subscribers. In case of not conforming to the conditions of service provisions as specified in the Terms of Service, such as the service provider does not arrive at the appointment or the service user is canceled the appointment abruptly. You can apply for the refund or get helped immediately after the problem is found. If we have investigated you are using an inappropriate refund, we can stop your refund.

Necessities for the refund

We are glad to refund to you but you have to send the details as required by the customer service department at email:webmaster@onedaycat.com

In case of refunding the money to the account, it will be transferred within 7-15 official days with the following data:

** We reserve the right not to transfer the money if the documents are not completed.*